Student Feedback - Ballarat Secondary School Program

  • It was fulfilling and enriching.
  • The lecturers were professional and helpful.
  • It provided me with opportunities to extend my learning.
  • I found it interesting and informative. We were able to do lots of different activities and cover different topics.
  • The activities where we had to use our hands and minds were really beneficial.
  • I really enjoyed learning about ancient Roman armour.
  • I found it was fun to talk to people who were interested in the same things I was into.
  • I loved the doodling!
  • I thought the inclusion of competition information was great.
  • The best thing I’ve done in history since we studied dinosaurs.
  • I thought the history enrichment program was a great opportunity to gather with like-minded students and be in an environment with others who are really interested in learning about history.
  • I thought that the teachers/mentors were really kind and helpful.
  • I really enjoyed making the models and thinking of ways to look deeper into historical issues.
  • Maybe it could go on for a longer time.
  • I learned to ask and challenge everything I learn.
  • I also liked how Trove can unravel many things through research.
  • I enjoyed the trip to M.A.D.E. and learning about the Eureka Stockade.
  • I felt very engaged by the speakers.
  • All the info was cool and the speakers inspiring.
  • Best history session I have ever been to.
  • I really enjoyed the way the presenters pushed our thoughts and made us think of the ‘whys’.
  • I liked the freedom we were given to choose topics and activities that interested us.
  • I really enjoyed the way we were pushed harder than in the normal classrooms.
  • I really enjoyed looking at things like Trove that set me up for later research.
  • I liked the freedom we were given as well as being treated as young adults.
  • I found the concept models challenging, but that’s why I enjoyed it.

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