Why History?

The choices that you will be making for your future should include the past!

By choosing history, you will not only be equipping yourself well for your final years of schooling, but for the rest of your life. History enables people to know about past events and actions; it also makes them critical and wary thinkers, more confident communicators and more active citizens.

What Skills does History provide?
Most obviously History provides an understanding of past events, not just dates and facts. Such skills are invaluable in all aspects of our lives. Understanding where society and individuals come from also enables you to understand where we are today.

Employers also value many of the skills developed in the study of History. These skills include:
• A high level of written communication
• Planning and time management
• Independent and critical thinking
• Reasoned decision making
• Recognition of different perspectives

History Careers
Film and Television
Creative Arts
Military and Defence
Community Development

Please click here to view episodes from the HTAV 'Why Study History?' Video series. This series of videos aims to showcase a number of people who have studied History and now work in a range of related professions

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