Student Feedback - Ballarat Primary School Program

  • One of my favourite things was going to MADE and seeing the Southern Cross! It really makes you feel privileged and it is just an amazing experience! The HEP makes you think deeper and work harder!
  • The program was very well planned, I enjoyed every part of it. Being able to mingle and get to know new people who are at the same level as me and who think like me is a fantastic opportunity.
  • The level of teaching was at a very appropriate level for me as well because it was harder than usual but not too hard.
  • I really enjoyed the fact that we got to design and start to research our passion project. I like conducting our own learning.
  • I loved it when we made the presentation of what we’d learnt on day one because it got us communicating with each other.
  • I am very pleased with this experience and hope there is another one in the future. I learnt a lot about history in this program, and I’m very thankful for these teachers and to Federation University for giving me this exciting opportunity.
  • I enjoyed the activities that the History Enrichment Program have as they weren’t usually activities I had done before, and they were also fun and interactive.
  • I loved the set-up on what we did on the two days we were here. All the things helped me to understand history.
  • The teachers were very helpful at all times in the program, and they all had a great perspective on history.
  • My favourite part of the program was (and still is) the passion project. It’s great to have something that you can work on for so long with no limits.
  • I think over the past two days they have made me work hard and challenged me too. Even though it was challenging, it was fun!
  • Last off, thank you very much for letting me be part of your program, it was just so well organised and the effort put into it was no doubt astronomical! You have made me expand my knowledge and push the boundaries, a thing I sincerely love doing! Just again, thank you!

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