Twentieth Century 2: Post-War Challenges (eBook)

Author: Various Publisher: HTAV Publishing Item number: 1676 ISBN: 978-1-875585-34-2 AU $33.00 (incl GST)

Winner 2017 Educational Publishing Awards Australia
Category: Best Student Resource – Senior – English / Humanities / Languages / Arts / Technologies / Health & Physical Education

Judges: ‘HTAV Twentieth Century series is an extremely comprehensive reference resource that is rich in sources, stimulus and media resources. The very well designed text makes the substantial content accessible. The activities and exam practice questions will be of great assistance to senior students.’

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Updated sample chapters:

Chapter 1: Origins of the Cold War
Chapter 4: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Chapter 10: Terrorism

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This brand new, full-colour student textbook includes the following features:

> Full-colour design
> Engaging narrative
> Links to supplementary web resources
> Maps
> Summary diagrams
> Timelines
> Primary sources
> Historical interpretations
> ‘Skills Focus’ tasks
> Varied activities, including Source 
> Analysis, Exam Practice and Extension
> Trivia
> Glossary
> Index


SECTION A: Competing Ideologies
Snapshot: World War II
Snapshot: Ideologies and 'isms'
Chapter 1: Origins of the Cold war
Snapshot: The United Nations
Chapter 2: Cold War Tensions
Snapshot: The Korean War
Chapter 3: Life Behind the Iron Curtain 
Chapter 4: Cuba
Chapter 5: The Vietnam War
Chapter 6: End of the Cold War

SECTION B: Challenge and Change
Snapshot: Decolonisation
Chapter 7: Civil Rights
Chapter 8: Popular Movements
Chapter 9: The Arab-Israeli Dispute
Chapter 10: Terrorism


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