American Revolution Student Workbook

Author: Natalie Shephard Publisher: HTAV Publishing Length: 88pp Item number: 1682 ISBN: 9780980831542 AU $23.00 (incl GST)


This Student Workbook will build your Revolutions knowledge and skills to prepare you for assessment tasks and exams at the Senior level.

Section A focuses on the causes of the American Revolution, covering the period from 1754 to 4 July 1776 (French and Indian War to the Declaration of Independence 1776). It addresses the following key knowledge: The events and other conditions that contributed to the outbreak of revolution; The ideas that played a significant role in challenging the existing order; The role of individuals; and The contribution of popular movements in mobilising society and challenging the existing order.

Section B focuses on the consequences of the American Revolution, covering the period from 4th July 1776 to 1789 (Declaration of Independence to the acceptance of the Bill of Rights). It addresses the following key knowledge: The challenges the new regime faced in attempting to consolidate its power; The changes and continuities in political, social, cultural and economic conditions that influenced leaders to compromise their revolutionary ideals; The contribution of significant individuals that changed society; and The diverse revolutionary experiences of social groups and their responses to the challenges and changes to the conditions of everyday life.

Activities in the Workbook address the following key skills:
> Analyse the long-term causes, short-term triggers and consequences of revolution
> Use primary sources as evidence to analyse the causes and consequences of revolution
> Evaluate the significance of ideas, events, individuals and popular movements that contributed to revolution
> Compare a range of historical perspectives to understand how the ideas and experiences of individuals and movements contributed to revolution
> Evaluate historical interpretations about the causes and consequences of revolution
> Construct arguments about the causes and consequences of revolution using primary sources and historical interpretations as evidence
> Evaluate continuity and change in society
> Evaluate the degree to which revolutionary ideals were achieved or compromised
> Compare a range of revolutionary experiences and perspectives to understand the change brought to society.

Each Section contains a range of the following activities:
> Primary Source Study: Image
> Primary Source Study: Extract
> Historical Interpretations Task
> Memory Aid
> Who Said That?
> Fill in the Blanks
> Fact File
> Short Response.

Use this Workbook throughout your study of the American Revolution to record key information and prepare for assessment tasks. Once completed it will be a comprehensive resource for exam revision. 

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