Clearance - Reinventing Russia, 1st edition

Author: Lauren Perfect, Tom Ryan & Scott Sweeney Publisher: HTAV Length: 288pp (dimensions 27cm h x 20.5cm w) Item number: 606 ISBN: 978-1-875585-88-5 AU $50.00 AU $10.00 (incl GST)

What students say about Reinventing Russia:

  • 'It had lots of fun and interesting facts in it.'
  • 'Itwas comprehensive but it waseasy to readas well.'
  • 'I liked the trivia boxes.'
  • 'I didn't sell my copy at the end of the course - I had to keep it.'

Dr. Adrian Jones from La Trobe University says:

'This history study helps you clarify where you stand politically and ethically. It investigates how Russia was reconceptualised by the Bolsheviks and other revolutionaries in the early part of the twentieth century.'

Reinventing Russia is an authoritative and readable account of the politics and passion of the Russian Revolution. It is a stand-alone textbook, written by practising teachers, which combines accessible narrative, rigorous analysis and hands-on activities to illuminate one of the twentieth century’s most tumultuous periods.

Each chapter includes:

• Timeline
• Photographs
• Primary sources
• Historiography
• Activities for different learning styles
• Extension tasks
• Artworks and literature
• Primary source quotes
• Did-you-know boxes

Extra features:

• Maps
• Glossary
• Index
• Annotated bibliography
• Who’s-who of the Russian Revolution
• Extensive Stalin material for IB students


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