Amendments to Area of Study 1 (Living in an ancient society), Unit 3 and 4 Ancient History

As advised in the VCAA Notice to Schools on 23 November 2016, some amendments have been made to Area of Study 1 (Living in an ancient society) for VCE Ancient History, Unit 3 and 4. The new Area of Study will apply from 2017.

To view the changes in a marked-up copy of the original, click here.

For a ‘clean copy’ of the new Area of Study 1, click here.

There are NO changes to Area of Study 2 (People in power, societies in crisis). The changes will NOT affect students who completed Ancient History in 2016.

If you have any queries, please contact the VCAA, or alternatively contact Deb Hull, Executive Officer at

HTAV's 'FAQs' on VCE Assessment

Click here for HTAV's answers to frequently-asked questions about VCE Exams and SACs.

Additional advice on VCE exams

On 4 August, the VCAA released the following NEW information on VCE exams:

In VCE History, evidence may be drawn from primary and/or secondary sources, and include factual detail related to the key knowledge stated in the study design, historical perspectives and historical interpretations.

Further information about using sources as evidence is provided in the ‘Historical thinking’ section of the Advice for Teachers.

The sample examinations (previously published) provide an indication of the types of questions teachers and students can expect until the current accreditation period is over. They demonstrate a range of source configurations that could appear on the examination. Students should use command/task words, other instructional information within questions and corresponding mark allocations to guide their responses.

The VCAA does not publish answers to sample examinations.

Note from HTAV: In addition to the advice above, the VCAA has updated its Sample Exam for Ancient History to include the full artwork for the following image, as copyright permission has now been granted: Source 1 Egypt, Wall decoration from the tomb of Thutmosis IV.

Please click here if you wish to read the VCAA update in full. (All new information is listed above.)

Advice for teachers

Please find the VCAA's Advice for Teachers documents here.

2016-20 Study Design

The VCE History Study Design (2016-20) is available here.

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