Institutional Membership

There are many benefits to Institutional membership, including up to 35% off registration rates to events and conferences, 5% discount on HTAV publications, access to the Member Centre and professional reading journal, Agora, and much more. Plus, those linked to the membership by the primary contact will have access to all of these benefits.



* Country rates apply if the address provided is greater than 50 kms from the Melbourne CBD.

Please note: It is recommended that you avoid using Internet Explorer when completing your membership application as it is not compatible with the online system.

Hard copy applications
For hard copy applications, please download the membership application form and return it to HTAV via email at for processing.

Institutional members, ensure your colleagues are kept in the loop. The primary contact for an institutional membership can link colleagues to their membership so they can also receive member benefits. Once your membership is active, visit the Members Centre, followed by My Profile > Memberships > Members, to update your staff list.
Linking colleagues to your HTAV membership will reduce issues when registering for HTAV events, and guarantee they receive all of their member benefits.

Please note: All memberships run for one calendar year and expire on 31 December, regardless of the sign-up date.

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